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Our Customers are the FIRST Priority

Building or Buying your new Home is an exciting time. Over many years of working with our customers, we have developed a simple and effective process to ensure that this time is enjoyable and successful.

QElite has a team of people to assist you during all phases of the Home Building experience, from Architects, to Interior Designers and Landscape Designers. We also love to work with folks who have their own Architects and Designers.

We typically work as a 'Turn-Key' Builder for our customers. What does this mean? A Turn-Key Builder works with you in the beginning to clearly discuss what you want in the home so that all the budgets can be realistically established. We will then develop a cost for your home which will NOT change unless you decide to change your budgets.

Unfortunately, too many builders do not know their true costs which reflects upon the customer as additional, surprise costs during the Home Construction Process.

Our Homes are not just Beautiful, they are Liveable

Quantum continually strives to "Exceed your Expectations". We focus on beauty AND function. Many custom home builders focus ONLY on the cosmetic details. It is vitally important that the lifestyle of the client is discussed and considered in the design of a home. We spend time discussing living spaces, flow, furniture placements, private areas, entertainment spaces, and dozen of other lifestyle details with our clients.

As a testament to our focus on function and aesthetics, Quantum Homes recently won the Parade of Homes Gold Excellence Award for the "Most Liveable Home". This award is given to the home builder which creates a space which is not only beautiful, but is efficient and purposeful in it's design.

Green Building

Green Building is also important to us and has helped our customers save thousands of dollars on their energy bills. Since becoming an Energy Star Partner in 2001, Quantum has built 59 Energy Star Qualified Homes.

In 2009, Quantum received the Energy Star Award of Excellence for our contributions to reducing greenhouse emissions through Energy Efficiency. This award was given to only 32 builders in the entire State of Texas, most of which are very large production builders.

We are among a handful of small, personalized Custom Builders who have completed the training and have the necessary experience to build Green, Energy Efficient Homes in the Dallas Area.

Quantum Homes is doing its part to help protect the environment while offering consumers new homes that are more comfortable and save money on utility bills. For example, the 18 homes that were Energy Star Certified in 2007 are the equivalent to

  • Eliminating the emissions from 12.60 vehicles
  • Saving 6,912 lbs of coal
  • Planting 1.80 acres of trees
  • Saving homeowners $8,046 on their utility bills

To find out more about Energy Star, and Quantum, visit their website: Energy Star

Quantum's Elite Awards

Quantum continues to be recognized not only for the quality of its' homes, but for their beauty. Below is a recent list of awards, but expect more to be added in the future. Perhaps your home will be next on our list!

  • Winner of the 2006 Vesta Award for the Best Wine Cellar
  • Finalist for the 2006 Vesta Award for the Best Dining Room
  • Winner of the 2007 Gold Excellence Award for the "Most Liveable Home"
  • Winner of the 2007 Silver Excellence Award for the "Best Media Room"
  • Winner of the 2007 Vesta Award for the Best Wine Cellar
  • Winner of the 2007 Vesta Award for the Best Media Room
  • Finalist for the 2007 Vesta Award for the Best "Green Built" Home
  • Finalist for the 2007 Vesta Award for the Best Interior Entry/Foyer
  • Finalist for the 2007 Vesta Award for the Best Interior Design


Experience and Qualifications

Daniel St. Claire and his team are dedicated to creating fine homes that fit the way people live today.

Quantum has been one of the premiere Custom Home Builders in the Dallas Metroplex for well over a decade with a portfolio of over 170 homes from Contemporary, Modern, Mediterranean, Old World, Asian and Eastern Styles.

Surprisingly, most Builders are NOT certified by the National Association of Home Builders in their craft. Thus, it is important to note that Dan holds many certifications including

  • Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS)
  • Certified Green Professional (CGP)
  • Certified Graduate Builder (CGB)
  • Graduate Master Builder (GMB)
  • Daniel is also one of the founding members of the Green Building Initiative North Texas Council.

    QElite with Daniel St. Claire is one of only 21 companies to have a Graduate Master Builder in or near Dallas as of 2009. Because he is dedicated to giving his customers only the best, Daniel St. Claire is constantly improving his knowledge by attending educational and technical seminars to stay abreast of advances in the home building industry.

    What is a GMB? Graduate Master Builder is the top designation developed by NAHB for builders. Designations help consumers identify professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. To earn one of these designations, a builder must complete a regularly updated curriculum of industry-related topics. Candidates for these designations are also required to pledge their commitment to a professional code of ethics. When you hire a GMB, you can expect an experienced builder committed to delivering a quality product.

    This designation, the result of many hours of study and research, signifies an expertise in residential construction and identifies Daniel St. Claire as one of the building industry’s top professionals. The ultimate symbol of the building professional, the GMB designation equips Daniel St. Claire with the newest trends and technology in the business, and cutting-edge business management techniques.

    Designations like the GMB are voluntarily earned and not required by law—they provide benchmarks of business achievement consumers can use to measure builders.

    What is CAPS? A Certified Aging In-Place Specialist identifies those builders who know how to design homes for multi-generational families, for families with members who have mobility challenges, as well as homes for people who intend to live in their homes as they grow older. It is vitally important to consider design elements that allow for independence of older or less mobile family members as well as things such as wheelchair access. To design in these elements in the initial floorplan can be simple as well as beautiful and can increase the overall resale of any home. Daniel St. Claire is only one of 18 CAPS Specialists in Dallas as of 2009.

    To review our Qualifications, please visit the NAHB website: National Association of Home Builders

    Quantum is an excellent choice for those customers who place importance on Experience AND Qualifications.

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